Some Links

TV News Philadelphia
This site features current news and gossip about TV News in the Philadelphia market. It lists the current news teams and previous ones. You can check out the latest ratings, find out who has won awards and listen to current and some old news theme for our city.

Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Site
This is for you history buffs. There's something for everyone. It includes UPI Wire Copy from the 1960's.

Broadcast Pioneers' Library of American Broadcasting
Here you'll find, among other things, the Jerry Lee Archives. There's tons of photos from network announcers to newscasters.

The Media History Project
There's an excellent timeline here for the history of communications, going back as early as 3500 BC. The 20th century timeline is especially interesting. It deals with publishing, printing and other aspects of the print media. The site also has a section on the electronic media.

The WRTI Old Gang (Alumni) Website
WRTI was founded by John B. Roberts, a journalist on Channel 6 for almost three decades. While this site deals mostly with the campus radio station, it does contain many articles of the Philadelphia print media about the station and Temple University as a whole.

The Official Raiders Website
You may wonder what this site has to do with Philadelphia broadcasting, well, it contains an audio clip by John Facenda, a member of the Philadelphia Press Association. You will find a Real Audio link called The Autumn Wind at the bottom of the page. Click on it to hear John narrate an NFL Films clip.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Since 1962, this organization has been like a who's who of broadcasting in the Delaware Valley. Their website (which is done by PPA member Gerry Wilkinson) contains thousands of photos, audio and video clips, bios and a lot of history about Philadelphia broadcasting. It's well worth the visit.

Anne Klein & Associates
Anne Klein & Associates is a national public relations firm based in the Philadelphia region. It is also the Philadelphia office of Pinnacle Worldwide, an international network of leading independent PR firms. Founded in 1982, the firm provides strategic counseling and communications programs to help clients achieve business goals. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and other national and regional businesses and organizations.

The History Buff Website
This site has many old newspaper front pages plus newspaper articles going back four centuries. Some of these papers were based right here in Philadelphia.

The British Library
This site is based in England. However, it does have sections on American publications. Here's old Pennsylvania publications. There's more. Have fun.