As members of the news media in the Delaware Valley, we've all watched and lived through job changes and had to adjust both the method and manner of collecting news.

But we're still doing a good job of both getting it first, but first getting it right and of entertaining readers, listeners, and viewers.

It's time to think about entering the 2012 awards competition of the Philadelphia Press Association. Open to news outlets throughout the Delaware Valley, the competition covers publication, broadcast and web distribution of items by daily and weekly newspapers and radio and television stations.

You soon will be receiving by email a list of categories and regulations for entry. Please look it over carefully. There have been some revisions, including the addition of new categories – television coverage of weather and Sports.

The PPA no longer is collecting annual dues, but instead will rely on entry fees to cover the cost of the awards. As in the past, first place winners will be given a free ticket to the awards ceremony. First place winners who attend the ceremony also will be given a plaque.

This year's awards ceremony will be a cocktail party at a location yet to be determined.

Check your computer history. Look for your best work. Nudge your friends to submit entries.

Items must have been published during the calendar year and must be submitted to judges by Thursday, Feb. 28.

Entry forms and additional information soon will be posted on the Phiadelphia Press Association Website,